Trojan Youth Baseball & Softball

Must Have Equipment:

Glove - Child should be able to open and close the glove. The glove must go over the heel of the hand, otherwise it is too small. A catcher's glove is recommended for catchers age groups 10U and up.

Helmets- TYBS will no longer provide helmets (limited supply for T-Ball)

Pants and Belt - Grey pants with a belt

Masks (softball)- are required for all Softball Pitchers, all ages

Water Bottle - Stay Hydrated!

Equipment to Consider:

Bat - When choosing a bat for your child compare him/her to the bat—stand a bat up next to your child. The bat should reach, but not exceed, your child's hip. If it reaches past his/her hip area, it's going to be too long to swing. For more detailed sizing and weight information check out The Baseball Monkey's page. Before buying, check the Babe Ruth bat rules. If your player's bat does not meet these guidelines, it may be removed from the game. Pro Tip: Make sure that you are using the optimal size bat for the best swing. A larger/heavier bat that a child will "grow into" does not equal a more powerful swing and can cause issues with mechanics.

Cleats - Plastic baseball or softball cleats only. NO METAL SPIKES

Batting Gloves - Inexpensive and can have a significant impact, especially if it is cold or rainy.

Fielding Masks/Mouth Guards - While not required for infielders it could be a safe/smart option. Your orthodonist may thank you.

Sliding Shorts/Athletic Supporters/Cups -Add an extra level of protection from game-time injuries.

Bat Bag - make your life easier and keep all of your things in one place!

When in doubt ask your coach!