Trojan Youth Baseball & Softball


There are four (4) levels of competition that a youngster has the opportunity to advance through: Locals, Sectionals, Team Championships and the National Finals.

Local Level Through mid-May* It is recommended that a Local competition consist of a minimum of thirty (30) youngsters. It is also recommended the Locals be held prior to mid-May.

Sectional Level mid-May – early June* The second level of competition consists of the Champions from the Local competition. These competitions should be held as soon as the Locals are completed in that geographic area (i.e. several Locals feed into one Sectional competition that represents a specific geographic area).

Team Championship June 1 – 30 This level of competition will be hosted at the thirty (30) Major League Baseball® ballparks. Team Championships will be conducted throughout weekends in June.

National Finals MLB® All-Star Week ™ The top youngsters will compete at the final level for the National Championship during 2017 MLB® All-Star Week. ™ *The dates listed above are “suggested dates”. Weather permitting, the competition begins nationwide in early 2017. The date of the Team Championship in each Major League Baseball market will determine how late a corresponding Sectional competition may be scheduled.



In the event of a tie for the All-Around Champion, the youngster winning more individual events (Pitching, Hitting or Running), among those involved with the tie, will be named the All-Around Champion. If a tie still exists, the youngster with the higher Hitting score, among those involved with the tie, will be named the All-Around Champion. If a tie still exists, the Running scores of those involved with the tie will be used to determine the All-Around Champion. In the event of a tie for an individual skill champion (Pitching Champion, Hitting Champion or Running Champion), there is no tiebreaker. At the Local level, all competitors tying for 1st in each skill event should advance to the Sectional competition and administrators should contact PHR Headquarters for additional certificates if necessary. However, if a competitor ties for first in an individual skill with the minimum score (50 points), he/she should not be awarded or earn advancement based on that skill.


The competition is free for all participants. • All boys and girls, ages 7-14, are welcome to participate. - see age verification chart on page 17 • All participants must provide a copy of a valid birth certificate for age verification. Failure to provide proof of age may result in disqualification. • All participants must submit a signed registration/waiver form to the local administrator. • Competing in both divisions will result in disqualification.


NO METAL SPIKES ARE ALLOWED. Use of metal spikes will result in the minimum score.

In the event of threatening weather conditions, cancellations and rescheduling will be determined by PITCH HIT & RUN™ officials at the competition site.

Major League Baseball® PITCH HIT & RUN™ endorses proper conduct and good sportsmanship.

Major League Baseball®, LEJ Sports Group, and state coordinators and organizers of PITCH HIT & RUN™ reserve the right to make rulings and recommendations regarding PITCH HIT & RUN™ determined to be in the best interest of the program. All rulings and recommendations are final.

Participation in PITCH HIT & RUN™ authorizes Major League Baseball ® and LEJ Sports Group to use participant’s name, likeness and other personal rights for promotional use without compensation

    If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.

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